Illionix Product Development

product development for small business and entrepreneurs in Seattle since 2009

About Us

In our short history we served customers ranging from entrepreneurs up to the largest government defense contractors. Being part of a wide range of project sizes we recognized how our customers have different needs, such as cost control, speed of response, and need for a close relationship with shared responsibilities. We learned that we can make the most impact for our smaller customers and made commitment to tailor our strategy and services to best understand and serve their needs.

In partnership with our customers we take on the leading role in product development process. Our company focuses on project management and three key technical areas – hardware engineering, software development, and mechanical design.


Comprehensive range of Embedded Systems, Sensors, Wireless, and Low Power Electronics


iOS and Android, Desktop and Cloud Applications, Databases, Embedded Systems, and Data Processing in Matlab and LabVIEW

Mechanical Design

SolidWorks Design for Plastics and Metal, Connectors-Panels-Indicators-Controls, Enclosures, Heat Management, and Custom Hardware

Why Choose Us


Giving your our full attention
Our service is tailored for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Ranging from competitive pricing, smart selection of design tools matching the needs of a startup, and developing hardware and software platform solutions that we can apply to multiple projects, we constantly work on increasing the value for our customers.

Illionix has three options for pricing the projects including fixed price, cost reimbursement plus fee, and partial stock payment for early stage customers. Please contact us for more detail.


We stay on top of newest tools and processes
Since 2009 we delivered over thirty small, medium, and large product development and technology development projects. We constantly expand our expertise, improve our project management approach, and design new processes to improve consistency in our work. Every new project is a learning opportunity and we are constantly adding new technical tidbits to our knowledge management system (KMS).


Local and Approachable
Illionix is located in Seattle, five minutes drive from the University of Washington. We do most of the design work in our office but are available to visit our local customers for meetings. Please contact us to schedule a meeting to review your product development idea.